Consumer Payment Card News

Credit vs Debit

A major new study shows that credit cards’ share of in-store payments has declined to 19% and credit cards’ share of Internet purchases has dropped to 55%. Two years ago credit cards accounted for 21% of in-store payments and 64% of Internet purchases. The research revealed that an increasing number of consumers are making debit cards their primary payment card and that the use of prepaid cards has doubled over the past two years. The study, conducted by the American Bankers Association and Boston-based Dove Consulting, found that on net, 7% of consumers who use debit cards expect their use of credit cards to decrease over the next two years. Although most consumers use both PIN and signature debit, 48% of consumers reported a preference for PIN debit, while 34% indicated a preference for signature debit (18% have no preference between the two). The ABA/Dove study found that prepaid cards’ share of consumers’ in-store payments grew from 2% in 2003 to 4% in 2005.

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