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Form Factors

VISA took contactless card payments in the U.S. to a smaller level this week with the introduction of the “Contactless Mini Card.” The new card brings together the emerging technology of tap and go payment with a more convenient card size. VISA contactless solution has the flexibility to also support other form factors, including 3D key fobs, mobile phones and other handheld devices. Contactless functionality is rapidly expanding in the USA. Chase has issued more than six million of its credit cards with “blink” in nine states to-date. VISA recently reported more than 4 million VISA-branded contactless payment cards have been issued worldwide. Last month VISA reported that it surpassed 20,000 “VISA Contactless” acceptance locations in the U.S. More than 15 million “Mini VISA” cards have been issued in the USA, primarily by Bank of America. Bank of America, the patent holder, introduced the mini card program in April 2002.

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