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Gift Cards

A new survey shows that nearly 80% of Americans would rather receive a gift card to their favorite retailer than any other kind of gift. The research also showed that 91% of adults who had received holiday gift cards had redeemed them before the end of February. The survey conducted by Comdata’s Stored Value Systems found that 76% of adults purchased gift cards in the 2005 holiday season. Other findings: more than 50% say that they always or often add their own money when making a purchase with a gift card; of those purchasing holiday gift cards, two-thirds bought them in early December; eight respondents in 10 say that they spend more or the same amount on a gift card than they would on an alternate gift; and those who received gift cards during the 2005 holiday season were given an average of 2.6 cards, with an average value of $42.32.

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