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If you have a Discover card then you may be missing out on some real savings at the gas pump this spring unless you sign-up today for a special rewards program. For the next three months you can earn a 5% “Cashback Bonus” on purchases of gas, auto parts and services, plus up to usual 1% “Cashback Bonus” on all other purchases. The “Get More” program is free to Discover cardholders and it’s an opportunity for to earn a 5% “Cashback Bonus” in over 15 different categories. Every three months the categories change so cardholders have the opportunity to earn additional rewards throughout the year. For example, in July, August and September, Cardholders can get 5% “Cashback Bonus” on apparel, supplies and education expenses. In October, November and December, the “Get More” program features 5% “Cashback Bonus” on holiday shopping items such as music and books. To-date more than 10 million cardholders have signed-up for the free program. For more information visit “”

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