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3-2-1 VISA

Borders and Chase have jazzed up their VISA card program, now offering extra points and enabling “Borders Rewards” members to double-dip. The new “Borders 3-2-1 VISA” card awards cardholders three points for every dollar spent at Borders or Waldenbooks stores; two points for gas, dining and grocery card purchases; and one point for all other card purchases. Cardholders can now choose to redeem points for a check or gift card from a variety of other merchants, including airlines. Under the current program, cardholders receive a $25 Borders gift card for 2,500 points. Cardholders who are also members of the “Borders Rewards” program can now earn points on both their VISA card and earn 5% cash-back from the loyalty card program. Additionally, “Borders VISA” cardholders can have their “Borders Rewards” number embossed on their “3-2-1 VISA” to eliminate the need to carry both cards. For more information visit: “”:

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