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Signature debit card purchase volume in the USA is now growing at an annual pace of 19%, compared to 21% in the prior quarter. During the first quarter, consumers and businesses charged $150.2 billion to their off-line debit cards for purchases. Year-over-year, MasterCard’s signature debit card purchase volume is growing at a 25% clip, compared to VISA’s 18%. VISA posted $116.3 billion in first quarter signature debit card purchase volume, with $109.8 billion coming from consumer debit cards. MasterCard reported $33.9 billion in off-line PDV for 1Q/06. For complete current and historical statistics on the U.S. signature debit card market, visit CardData (“”:

table{margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}.
|_2. (Purchase Volume Only) |
|_. | 4Q/05 |
|_. VISA | $116.3b |
|_. MasterCard | $ 33.9b |
|_. TOTAL | $150.2b |
|_2. Source: CardData (“”: |

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