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The car of individuality and self-expression has launched a card of individuality and self-expression. The new “MINI VISA” from BMW enables cardholders to design a credit card in their own car’s image plus earn up to $5,000 towards a future “MINI” purchase or lease. The patent-pending Web-based “Configurator” permits applicants to design their new card from a choice of four body styles, 36 wheel choices, 21 exterior body color choices and 24 exterior roof choices. The “MINI Motoring Rewards” program allows users to accrue unlimited points in a billing cycle. One point is earned for every $1 spent in net purchases, with points doubling on motoring-related purchases including gasoline, car washes and bridge/road toll fees. Points are redeemed in $50 increments which requires 5,000 points. The new card is being issued by MINI Financial Services, a division of BMW Financial Services North America. BMW North America also issues a VISA card in the USA. For more information visit “”:

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