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CITGO MasterCard

More gas is getting thrown on the competitive fire between issuers of credit cards with gas rebates. On August 1st CITGO and Citibank will launch a new card that offers a 20% rebate on CITGO purchases for the first 60 days and a 4% rebate thereafter. The 20% rebate offer is part of the 90-day launch period which ends October 31st. Once the launch promotion ends, cardholders earn 4% on CITGO purchases and up to 1% on other qualified purchases. Cardholders may earn up to $50 in rebates each month. All rebates are automatically credited on the cardholder’s statement against future CITGO purchases made with the card. Houston-based CITGO has more than 13,000 independently owned and operated locations in the U.S. For more information visit “”:

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