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Debit Rewards

Even though debit card rewards are less rewarding than their credit card counterparts, 57% of households are likely to use a debit card with rewards over a credit card with rewards. However, fewer than one in ten debit card users are using cards connected to a rewards program due to low availability. According to TNS’ Financial Services “Consumer Credit Card Program Study,” more than 60% of consumers prefer using a debit card over a credit card because it is more like real money. TNS also found that 65% of debit card users are paying less often with cash and checks than they used to. Indeed, the number of households using an ATM or debit card has grown from 47% to 60% over the past four years. TNS says 61% of debit card users who do have debit card rewards are age 35 or older and that household income is not a factor on debit card rewards use.

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