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Gas Trap

Buying less than 50 cents worth of gas is a reliable sign that a stolen credit or debit card may in play. However, gasoline shortages are showing up nationwide and it may snag honest cardholders who insert their card, start the pump and then shortly discover the station’s tank is dry after it dispenses only a few cents of fuel. Fraud detection systems pick up on typical patterns such as hitting unattended payment terminals like gas stations and then shopping at electronics and jewelry stores. But, the systems cannot adjust on a dime and you may find your credit card being placed on hold due to a unintended tiny gas purchase. Call your issuer to resolve the problem if your card is subsequently denied. Another annoyance with gas stations operators is the cap set on card purchases, usually $75. With gas prices hovering at $3 per gallon, SUV and RV owners have to run multiple transactions to top-off. Some card issuers will deny a second gas immediate purchase on the card. Make sure you have more than one credit card to use for gas purchases if going on a long trip with a gas hog.
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