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Chase “blink” cards continue to drive the U.S. contactless payment card market as nearly seven million cards have been issued to-date. Chase was the first issuer to broadly offer contactless credit cards in the U.S., introducing “blink” last May. Cardholders in Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas now have “blink”-enabled Chase cards. Chase also offers “blink” rewards cards with partners such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Regal Entertainment Group, Sheetz, Texas Rangers, Wawa, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Universal. Chase says its research shows the one-year old contactless card increases the average ticket sale for some merchants by 40% more than cash purchases, and reduces consumers’ average transaction time by 10% to 40%. For more information visit:

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|_2. Chase blink Cards |
|_. Jun 05: | 0.5 million |
|_. Jul 05: | 1.0 million |
|_. Aug 05: | 1.5 million |
|_. Oct 05: | 5.0 million |
|_. Jan 06: | 6.0 million |
|_. Jul 06: | 7.0 million |
|_2. Source: CardFlash Library |

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