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What Women Want

When it comes to retail gift cards 70% of young females prefer clothing stores while more than half of young men prefer electronics stores. A new survey also discovered that nearly a third of teenagers are now purchasing gift cards at gift card malls. The research found that 48% of teen males purchase gift cards rather than purchase gift items for their families and friends throughout the year, while teen females purchased about 33% gift cards rather than gift items. The poll, commissioned by Stored Value Systems, discovered that males are more likely to purchase gift cards online (51%) than females (32%). Males (47%) are more likely than female teens (34%) to purchase gift cards with preset amounts on them, as compared to choosing an amount. Additionally, the survey of 603 college-bound teens reveals that the average number of gift cards teens purchased for friends and family over the past year was 4.3 gift cards. The average amount they loaded onto a gift card was $28.

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