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Summer Extravaganza

If you are an American Express cardholder then you have a shot at some free Kanye West concert tickets next week. American Express has kicked-off a five-week promotion of free activities in New York City for its cardholders. The “Membership Changes Everything” promotion is offering more than 50,000 free tickets to concerts, sports, theater, film and dining. Kanye West will kick-off the free cardholder program on August 29th for a private AmEx concert for more than 1,600 people. Over the following five weeks, AmEx will give away 1,000 tickets for the 2006 “US Open Tennis Championships,” 6,000 tickets across 16 Broadway shows, and 50,000 tickets for any feature film at select movie theaters. The final week, AmEx will pick up the check for more than 1,400 diners at some top NYC restaurants. To qualify cardholders have to register online for each giveaway. For more information visit: “”:

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