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Card Awards

While it may seem a bit sophomoric for consumers, the card industry once a year bestows awards for the best card manufacturing. This year the “Best Gift Card” was won by Chicago area-based Perfect Plastic Printing for its “Best Buy Snowman Colorshift” card. The International Card Manufacturers Association also gave “Elan Awards for Card Manufacturing Excellence” to several other card producers. Perfect Plastic Printing also won the “Best Secure Card” for its “Discover Fabric Embedded Card.” The “Best Non-Secure Card” winner was UV Color for its Target card with peppermint with scent and raised ink. The “Technical Achievement” winner was Travel Tags for its Target “Teachers Rule Wood Card.” Travel Tags also won the “Judges Choice” award for this card too. The “Best ID Card” award was won by CPI Card Group for the Police Department of Mexico’s “Policia Preventiva” card. The “People’s Choice” award was won by Jet for its Optimum “Chili’s Mother’s Day Gift Card.” NJ-based ICMA is a non-profit association comprised of plastic card manufacturers, personalizers and related industry participants, with more than 200 members globally. For more information visit: “”:

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