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Fastest Pay

Americans are tired of long check-out lines held up by people who insist on using cash or worse yet . . . check writers. VISA has launched what may be its best ad yet to communicate that payment cards are the fastest way to pay. VISA’s new “Lunch” TV spot, which began airing this past weekend, shows consumers smoothly and quickly moving through a busy deli at lunchtime until someone decides to pay with cash when it all comes to a screeching halt. Speeding up transactions is VISA’s “No Signature Required” program which waives the signature requirement for transactions under $25 at quick service restaurants, taxis, movie theaters and drug stores/pharmacies, among others. VISA also released findings from a recent survey which showed that the majority of respondents cited payment cards as their top choice for “fastest payment method” and, when asked what they would change about waiting in line, 56% said they would add more checkout lines, and 14% said create a payment card only line. About one-third said they have left without purchasing anything when there is too much check-out line frustration. For more information visit “”:

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