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Chase Freedom

Chase Card Services has launched the first fully interactive television campaign for a financial institution that features long-form video. Chase is using the technology to promote its “Chase Freedom” card product to 12 million DISH Network satellite TV viewers who have interactive capabilities. Viewers will be able to interact with the brand via a click of their remote. The promotion is a collaboration between Chase, advertising agency T3, and The Media Group. Regularly scheduled TV commercials are embedded with a graphic overlay, or trigger, motivating viewers to leave the program they are watching to view a variety of long-form, minute-long videos that creatively demonstrate how to use “Chase Freedom.” Features of the commercials include describing how “Chase” Freedom can play into everyday life and a mechanism that takes viewers to an informational TV microsite to learn and request more information about the credit card. The new card product enables cardholders to change the types of rewards they earn as their needs change.

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