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Diet or Debt

According to a new national survey 37% of Americans are focused on weight loss for 2007 as opposed to 22% who are concerned with eliminating outstanding debt. This is a significant change from a 2003 poll which showed 37% of consumers planning to pay down debt and only 29% concentrating on shedding some pounds. The latest poll from TransUnion and Roper also found that nearly half of Americans say losing ten pounds would be very or somewhat difficult for them in 2007, while 31% say paying off all their credit card debt would be difficult.The same survey also found correlations between age and attitudes about resolutions including: Americans 50 years of age or older are more than twice as likely to view losing ten pounds as difficult than paying off all their credit debt; 33% of those age 25-34 say paying down debt is their number one resolution; and respondents age 35-49 are equally concerned with eating healthy and paying down debt, with 31% naming each as their top resolution. Two years ago a survey by Roper/Bankrate found that 36% of Americans polled were focused on weight loss for 2005 as opposed to 31% who are concerned with cutting debt.

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