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Fingers & Cards

A new study has found that 64% of Americans support adding biometric data to credit cards while 62% support it for debit cards. However, only 27% want that information on a retail store loyalty card. TRUSTe says this correlates with other findings in the survey, which showed 76% of respondents trusted banks and financial institutions “always” or “most of the time” as compared to 41% of respondents trusting retail stores “always” or “most of the time.” The survey also revealed that consumers don’t trust systems that use biometric identification as a payment method. Less than two percent of respondents have used a fingerprint payment system and 32% say that they “do not trust retail stores with this information.” Only 23% of respondents expressed a desire to use this kind of payment system. TRUSTe says 73% of Americans support the addition of biometric information to driver’s licenses and nearly as many support adding it to Social Security cards.

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