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Stagecoach Island

Wells Fargo has made 80 virtual millionaires and users have collectively earned over $4.7 billion in interest on their virtual bank accounts. “Stagecoach Island,” launched last year by Wells, is a multi-player, online role-playing game for high school and college age students. Now the card issuer has added more challenging financial education content. The game invites players to adopt a unique virtual world character, called an avatar, who can explore the Island of computer-animated trees, buildings, dance clubs, hair salons, snowboarding parks and more. Players also can virtually attend concerts, parties, play in bingo tournaments and chat with others in the community via online messages. Players gain access to some activities, such as renting a motorcycle, playing paintball and buying clothes for their avatar by earning, saving and spending virtual money. Players earn virtual money by answering questions about banking and personal finance and they can earn virtual interest on their balances by saving their virtual dollars overnight. The Stagecoach Island game can be downloaded free at “”: .

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