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Expiring Miles

If you’ve got some miles racked-up with United Airlines and you have not flown United or its partners for the past 18 months you could lose you earned miles by the end of this year. The nation’s second largest airline loyalty card program is cutting the expiration time on earned miles from 36 months to 18 months for inactive members, effective immediately. “Mileage Plus” accounts that have not earned or redeemed miles since July 1, 2006 will have associated miles expire on December 31, 2007. The change applies to both the United loyalty card and its co-branded VISA program with Chase. United says members or cardholders can avoid the expiration deadline by flying on United or one of its 28 airline partners; use or sign-up for a “Mileage Plus VISA” credit or debit card; purchase products or services from more than 100 travel and retail partners; use miles by taking a trip to one of the 841 destinations United and its partners serve; use miles for merchandise, hotel stays and dining; transfer miles to another “Mileage Plus” member; or donate miles to the “Mileage Plus Charity Miles” program. United says the change will help open more award seats for loyal customers. For more information about the change visit: “”:

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