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Southwest Airlines is adding more spunk to its credit card program by adding new cards, incentives and a sweepstakes. Under the new program cardholders will receive eight “Rapid Rewards” credits the first time they use the card, plus up to eight additional credits when they make a qualified balance transfer within the first 90 days after their account is open. Thats enough for a free round-trip. New benefits also include “Double Reward Dollars” for every one dollar spent on Southwest Airlines Vacations package purchases, or at preferred hotels and rental cars. Additionally, cardholders earn two “Rapid Rewards” credits every year on the their account anniversary. Plus, JPMorgan Chase, the card’s issuer, added a “VISA Signature” and “VISA Business Card” product to the Southwest Airlines program. Next week Chase and Southwest Airlines are kicking off a “Valentines Day” contest. For more information visit: “”:

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