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Life Takes

The latest edition of “THE GAME OF LIFE” will switch from paper currency to plastic this summer. VISA and game maker Hasbro have signed a deal to add VISA cards to the latest version of “THE GAME OF LIFE – Twists & Turns Edition.” Players of the new edition, due to be released in August, will receive a VISA card at the start of the game and will use an electronic banking unit to store each players’ financial data as well as their status in the game. The new electronic “LIFEPod” will replace the spin wheel from the classic game. In addition to including VISA cards, the new “Twists & Turns Edition” will allow players to choose four different non-linear paths while pursuing their life goals including an adventure track, family track, college track, and career track. Also, the new edition will feature elements of VISA’s “Practical Money Skills for Life” financial literacy program. Hasbro noted that the winner is no longer the person who accumulates the most money, but rather earns the most “life points,” which is a combination of wealth and life experiences. “THE GAME OF LIFE” was first launched in 1960 and is now produced in 20 languages. For more information about Visa’s commitment to financial literacy please visit “”:

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