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Green Stagecoach

Wells Fargo has become the first U.S. financial institution to make clean, renewable energy reward options available to its credit cardholders. Through “Wells Fargo Rewards” programs, consumer and business credit card and check card customers can now redeem reward points to support renewable energy projects and receive certificates for their donations. For 5,000 points, cardholders can support 6,000 kilowatt hours of green power. For 10,000 points, cardholders can support the development of enough green power to offset the more than seven tons of greenhouse gas emissions. “Wells Fargo Rewards” programs also offer renewable energy certificates that include “Enhanced Rewards,” “Exclusive Rewards,” “Rewards for Business Check Card” and “Wells Fargo Business Card Rewards.” Wells says that at year-end 2006, it was the largest purchaser of renewable energy in the USA according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Green Power Partnership” program. For more information visit: “”:

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