Consumer Payment Card News


The number of Americans who pay-off their credit card balances each month declined for the third consecutive year in 2006. Recently the payment card industry has been reporting a decline in the monthly payment rate after nearly four years of firm increases. During 2005, 38.7% of U.S. cardholders paid-off their balance each month, compared to 41.9% for the prior year and 44.7% in 2004. The decline in the so-called “deadbeats” and “30-Day Wonders” has been attributed to the influx of low-ball interest rates offered by U.S. issuers. Additionally, the collapse of the sub-prime market has also forced more cardholders to become revolvers. According to the “Moody’s Credit Card Credit Index,” the February payment rate fell slightly to 17.72%, after posting a record-setting forty-two months of consecutive year-over-year improvement.

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