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Pumped-Up Card

Costco and American Express have added some octane to their “TrueEarnings Business Card.” The card now offers a 5% annual rebate on automobile gas purchased at Costco Gasoline and stand-alone gas stations. The card currently offers 3% cash back for eating out, even for takeout or delivery; 2% cash back for traveling on airlines, for hotel stays, car rentals and cruises, including when booking through a travel agency; and 1% cash back virtually everywhere else, inside or outside of Costco warehouses. The “TrueEarnings Business Card” also includes the “OPEN Savings” program which gives automatic discounts on purchases at partners, such as Delta, FedEx Kinko’s and JetBlue. “TrueEarnings Business Card” users receive their annual cash rebate as a coupon that can be used for purchases or redeemed for cash at Costco warehouses. There is no fee for this card with a paid Costco membership. For more information visit: “”:

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