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Voice Pay

Forget PIN numbers, SSN numbers, DOB, your mother’s maiden name, your first school, first car and other stupid personal security questions as there is a new painless way to pay. This week a new system has been introduced that uses the customer’s own voice as a means of digitally signing and authorizing payments. With the new “Voice Pay” system consumers complete a short, one-time only enrollment process during which a few spoken words are used to generate a unique biometric voiceprint. Subsequently whenever a purchase is made, the user voice verifies the transaction over the phone or Internet. No special software or hardware is required. A consumer “Voice Pay” account can also be linked to a physical or virtual VISA or MasterCard. “Voice Pay” changes the way that all payments can be undertaken – not only Internet transactions. It opens up many new commercial avenues and the potential for voice-verified payments is phenomenal. “Voice Pay” gives consumers new freedoms to buy using their mobile phone from a TV or print advertisement instantly or pay for goods in a shop. Buyers simply call the national “Voice Pay” number and authorize payments over the phone using their unique voiceprint as a digital signature. As well as convenience, the “Voice Pay” system also offers buyer and retailer additional safeguards. For example, consumers using “Voice Pay” via the Internet benefit from integrated anti-phishing technology, which ensures total confidence in the stores that process payments with “Voice Pay.” For more information visit: “”:

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