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Has the world gone mad? Not yet, but it is going contactless! By the end of this year contactless payments, wherein you simply swipe your card near a check-out terminal instead of having a clerk swipe it through a card reader, will be spreading throughout Europe, after gaining traction in Asia and being widely embraced in the USA. MasterCard, the leading contactless payment network, reports there are more than 14 million “MasterCard PayPass” cards and devices in the market that are accepted at more than 51,000 merchant locations globally. MasterCard now has a major “PayPass” contactless pilot underway in Europe with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Garanti Bank in Turkey, both with strong consumer feedback. VISA this week announced its plans to launch “VISA payWave” contactless card payments in London later this year with HSBC, HBOS, Lloyds TSB, and Barclays. Both products have already been proven in the Asia-Pacific region. In the USA, American Express has “ExpressPay” and Discover recently launched “Discover ZIP”. It’s the neatest way to pay and worth checking out. For a learning lesson on how contactless payments can benefit you visit: “”:;
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