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Mother Spenders

A new survey shows that men plan to spend an average of $91 on their wife, $74 on their mother and $50 on their mother-in-law for “Mother’s Day.” Another finding: 19% of “Mothers Day” shoppers said they intend to purchase a gift card. Twice as many moms indicated that they would like to receive one, but 72% would prefer a general purpose gift card as opposed to a store specific one. The annual “Discover Card Mothers Day Shopping Survey” also revealed that 58% cited no expiration date or loss of value the best features of a gift card. Other favored gift card features: 56% said general purpose card; 46% said being able to choose the denomination; 34% cited “Mothers Day” art while 28% cited the ability to emboss the recipients name and add a message. The majority of respondents said that they tend to spend more on “Mothers Day” than “Fathers Day.”

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