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Teen Card Design

This summer teens will have the opportunity to design their own general purpose prepaid card. The “PAYjr VISA Buxx Card” will enable teenagers to upload, enlarge, rotate, move and flip their chosen photos inside the card template without any special software downloads. In addition, PAYjr is developing license relationships with various musical artists, major league teams and popular teen brands to provide teens with a wide variety of card designs to choose from. To help promote the program, PAYjr will be running a card design competition, allowing teens to place an interactive mini version of the design on their blogs and MySpace pages. The “PAYjr VISA Buxx Card” is issued by South Dakota-based BankFirst and is marketed by Dallas-based PAYjr. The design feature is powered by U.K.-based Serverside Group. To preview the new service for the “PAYjr VISA Buxx Card” visit “”:

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