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An annual poll finds that only half of today’s upperclassmen are confident about their ability to handle their financial responsibilities after graduation. However, 92% of upperclassmen feel that credit card education is very important for college students. The national survey of college juniors and seniors by Citi Credit-ED also found that most upperclassmen insist that they consistently pay their bills on time, but about half acknowledge that they could do a better job of managing daily spending. Nearly half of those surveyed believe that their current spending habits will not have a major impact on their credit report in the future. The majority of upperclassmen continue to view their parents as positive financial role models as well as a reliable source for both financial information and support. Besides parents, those surveyed are also relying heavily on banks, financial institutions and the Internet, as a source for information — with 69% of upperclassmen turning to these resources for guidance, compared to 51% in 2006. For more information visit: “”:

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