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Pirates Card

“Pirates of the Caribbean” are gearing-up to take the gift card market by storm with the launch a DVD gift card. Circuit City is offering the new card which not only stores money but also contains video content that will play on DVD players, Win/Mac drives as well as the gaming consoles, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360. The payment card data is held on the top and the DVD side holds 180 MB of content. With a play time of around 15 minutes, the new cutting-edge card is a fully-loaded experience, carrying superb movie assets (in addition to the trailer), including free Pirate downloads, (a wallpaper and fun templates for foldable models), an exclusive Pirate aptitude test, (so users can determine their rank on the ship) and weblinks to purchase related movie merchandise (e.g., Pirates of the Caribbean video games for all consoles, available in Circuit City stores).
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