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Geezeo Mobile

How would you like to check the balances and available credit on your credit cards or bank accounts from anywhere at anytime via your mobile phone? A new startup company has introduced a new service that combines text message banking and account aggregation. The new “Geezeo Mobile” service gives consumers real-time access to their account information from 6,000 banks and credit card companies. Geezeo says the new service will eliminate overdraft fees, declined credit cards, late payment penalties and avoid lower credit ratings. Users set up an account at Geezeo’s Web site, select the bank and credit card accounts they want to track and then submit their mobile phone number. After registration, whenever users want to check balances or available credit, they simply send a text message to Geezeo requesting specific information, such as account balances, payment dates or available credit. In a matter of seconds, Geezeo Mobile sends back a text message with the requested information. For more information visit: “”:

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