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Card Debt

A survey of more than 55,000 consumers has found that the median amount of credit card debt carried by American households is about $6,600 while the average credit card debt load is nearly $9,900 per household. Of cardholders carrying debt, over 64% had balances under $10,000. However, an astonishing 13% of the same group said they carry total credit card balances in excess of $25,000. The online poll which was concluded in April also found that 61% carryover debt each month on their credit cards, while 31% said they pay-off balances monthly and 7% stated they have no credit cards. Of the nation’s 111 million households, about 7% have no credit cards and 21% do not have a general purpose or major credit card. Discounting those who have no credit cards and those who only have a low balance store or gas credit card, there are 88 million households using credit cards today. Therefore, average credit card debt is $9659 per household.

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