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Comfort Zone

A new consumer poll has discovered that 48% of Americans are uncomfortable with the total amount of household debt they have. The poll also found that 54% of consumers do not have a financial plan. Not including mortgage debt, the survey by LendingTree revealed that 74% of Americans envision themselves being completely debt free at some point in their lives. The survey further uncovered that 50% of Americans confess they are concerned or extremely concerned about the amount of credit card debt they have and surprisingly, 10% chose to declare bankruptcy as the only way to solve their debt problems. Young Families, ages 19-34 with children, had the most shocking results of the survey participants. This life stage has the highest debt-to-income ratio (59% spend half or more of their gross income on total debt expense); is admittedly the most uncomfortable with their total household debt (68% are uncomfortable with their debt); and is the least financially prepared should an emergency occur (59% do not have savings available for an emergency). More detailed findings about Young Families can be found in the survey results located at “”:

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