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Score Killer

While a credit card delinquency can drop your credit score by 20 points, missing a car payment can send your credit score down by nearly 100 points. If the auto payment is late by 90 days or more it can lop-off another 25 points. The national average credit score for consumers with no late auto payments is 703, while the average score for consumers with at least one late payment is 605. The latest “National Score Index” study by Experian Consumer Direct also found that nationwide, 12% of consumers have at least one late auto payment on file; the national average balance on an auto loan is $15,654; the average U.S. monthly auto payment is $495; and 28% of the U.S. population has at least one auto loan or lease on file. For additional survey results, visit Experian’s National Score Index Web site at “”:

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