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Travel Wizard

With the average American prepared to shell-out more than $1600 for their summer vacation, there is a new tool to help travelers stick to a budget. VISA USA has introduced an online “Summer Travel Budgeting Center” which features a free, Web-based budget calculator called the “Travel Wizard.” VISA’s “Travel Wizard” helps consumers decide between necessary and flexible expenses by walking them through the process of preparing a travel budget with an interactive checklist and corresponding travel tips. Users can build budgets for meals, hotels and entertainment expenses and make spending adjustments before traveling.
For example, the calculator will automatically estimate the cost of fuel for drivers based on trip mileage or prompt flyers to factor in the cost of food at the airport. With the “Travel Wizard” estimations, travelers can modify excessive transportation, lodging, and meal expenses to plan a more cost-effective vacation. The “Summer Travel Budgeting Center” and “Travel Wizard” are part of VISA’s financial education program, “Practical Money Skills for Life.” For more information visit: “”:

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