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Rewards Reorganization

American Express has split its rewards program up into three tiers and added more octane to its “Membership Rewards” program. AmEx also introduced an innovative service that enables cardholders to advance points against future points earned at the time they redeem. Under the revised program, cardholders with AmEx credit cards, including “Blue,” will be moved to the “Membership Rewards Express” program. AmEx “Green” and “Gold” charge cardholders will have the “Membership Rewards” program. “Platinum” and “Centurion” cardholders will be enrolled in the “Membership Rewards First” program. Among new features: “Express” participants will have access to the new “Express Rewards Hotel Card” that allows cardholders to redeem points for a prepaid card to be used at Marriott and Radisson; “Membership Rewards” will have access to AmEx’s new “Flight Finder and Room Finder”; and “First” participants receive concierge service and access to an assortment of luxury partners through “First Collection.” The “Points Advance” service enables cardholders to receive an advance based on their program level — 5,000 points for “Membership Rewards Express,” 15,000 points for “Membership Rewards,” and 60,000 points for “Membership Rewards First.” For more information
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