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Headstart Card

If you want to earn some serious rebates for credit card purchases and have them deposited into a college savings program then checkout the “Futuretrust MasterCard.” Unlike other programs, Futuretrust has no cap on the amount of rebates that can be earned. Members earn 1% back every time they make a purchase with their Futuretrust MasterCard. Plus, they will earn bigger rebates when they shop at any of the over 1,000 retail partners in the “Futuretrust Preferred Merchant Network” which consists of major retail chains, catalogs, restaurants and online merchants. There is no cost to join and no annual fee. Futuretrust and its merchant partners contribute a portion of every purchase into the member’s tax-free 529-college savings plan. Futuretrust can be linked to any 529 plan and Futuretrust can help members open a 529 plan through various partners. For more information visit: “”:

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