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Motivation Card

The first card offering cash rewards for good credit management in now in its fourth month and, based on response to-date, is being embraced by consumers as a good deal. The “Discover Motiva Card,” launched in March, offers an automatic “Pay-On-Time Bonus” equal to a full month’s interest each time the cardholders makes six on-time payments in a rowtwice a year, every year. The credit management reward is in addition to the unlimited “1% Cashback Bonus” cardholders earned on all purchases. Cardholders can also receive a “5% Cashback Bonus” in specific categories like travel, apparel, home, gas, restaurants, movies and more plus a “5-20% Cashback Bonus” at retailers on Discover’s online shopping site. The cash rewards never expire as long as you use your card and you can even double your rewards when you redeem for gift cards from over 80 “Cashback Bonus Partners.” The new “Motiva Card” offers payment tools such as automatic payment reminders, account alerts and free payments by phone, and cardholders can also set a customized payment due date. For more information visit: “”:

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