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Arriva Perks

The ultimate gamblers credit card is getting ready to get jazzed up with new perks. The “Arriva Card,” the first credit card to treat casino cash advances as purchases and not as traditional cash advances, is planning to add five-star concierge services. The new services will include transportation, accommodations, dining, and daytime and evening entertainment, plus VIP event access, golf outings, spa services, shopping excursions and tours of the Las Vegas region. Striker VIP will provide the new services. The “Arriva Card” also offers an instant credit line up to $10,000. Cardholders can also enjoy 25% to 50% reduced casino service fees on “Arriva Card” cash advance transactions, complimentary accommodations with qualifying “Arriva Card” purchases up to $500 in free slot play with eligible “Arriva Card” enrollment and/or usage, $50 gift cards with “Arriva Card” cash advance purchases and up to 10,000 free players club points with play with eligible “Arriva Card” cash advance purchases. The “Arriva Card” was introduced to responsible in-casino cash advance customers with strong credit histories nine months ago and is issued by CIT Bank. For more information visit: “”:

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