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Earth Rewards

A first-of-its-kind credit card has been unearthed that contributes a portion of card purchases to buy greenhouse gas emissions offsets. GE Money launched the “Earth Rewards Platinum MasterCard” which enables cardholders to contribute a full one percent of their card net purchases to GHG emission reduction projects; or contribute one-half of one percent to reduction projects and receive one-half of one percent cash back through their monthly statements. Cardholders will be able to switch back and forth between reward programs whenever they choose, at no cost and with no loss of rewards. GE says if 100,000 cardholders spend $750 per month, the annual greenhouse gas credits retired would be the equivalent to removing more than 175,000 cars from American roads for one year. If those 100,000 cardholders receive their statements electronically, they could spare 600 trees and more than 500,000 gallons of wastewater associated with paper production collectively. All card rewards designated for GHG reduction projects will be accrued over the year. Each “Earth Day” (April 22), the “Earth Rewards” will be used to purchase and retire greenhouse gas emissions credits through GE AES Greenhouse Gas Services. The new card has no annual fee and will offer a zero percent introductory APR for purchases for six months from the date the account is opened. By the way the application process for the new card is completely paperless. For more information visit: “”:

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