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Rewards Gap

New research shows that less than one-fifth of business card users receive gasoline discounts of any kind, while almost six in ten say this would be valuable. Travel discounts are also highly valued by business cardholders but only 25% receive such a card perk. Atlanta-based Synergistics Research found there is a gap between card rewards that are valued by small businesses and those that are actually used or held on small business credit cards. The research revealed that about 75% of small business credit card users have some type of reward associated with their business or corporate credit card. The report found that slightly more than one-quarter say they receive cash rebates through their small business credit card, while about two-thirds indicate this would be a valuable reward for them. Synergistics concludes that many issuers are offering rewards, but small business credit card reward programs need to be re-examined and re-worked to better fit the needs of this important and lucrative market segment.

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