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NFL Debit Cards

Bank of America has become the first “Official Bank of the NFL” in the U.S. and has introduced the “NFL Checking” program that includes “Check Cards” and checks designed specifically for the pro football fan.
“NFL Checking” customers are also eligible for the “Keep the Change” savings program that automatically rounds debit card purchases up to the nearest whole dollar and transfers the difference from the customer’s checking account into their BofA savings account. “NFL Checking” customers receive 100% matching contributions for the first three months. Thereafter, BofA will reward “NFL Checking” customers by matching 10% of their “Keep the Change” savings for the life of the relationship, which represents double the 5% match for standard “Keep the Change” accounts. The maximum annual total match is $250 per year.
Customers can sign-up for the new NFL and team “Check Cards,” checks and credit cards at over 5,700 Bank of America banking centers, and learn more about Bank of America’s portfolio of “My Expression” products by visiting “”:

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