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VISA Prepaid

Prepaid cards are great unless you use them for certain transactions like pumping gas. Prepaid card users can find their card declined when the balance on the prepaid card is less than the typical cost of a full tank of gas. Shell Oil has begun implementing VISA USA’s “partial authorization” policy for prepaid VISA cards. If the card only has enough funds to pay for a portion of a total gas purchase, the transaction will no longer be declined, prompting the cardholder to “see attendant.” Instead, the pump can now be instructed to shut off when the funds on the VISA prepaid card reach zero. Shell is in the process of expanding this service at stations across the U.S. VISA prepaid cards can be used anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted, and are protected from fraudulent or unauthorized transactions by VISAs “Zero Liability” policy in the event the card is lost or stolen. For more information visit: “”:

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