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PayPass Expansion

MasterCard’s contactless payment option continues to gain acceptance by merchants worldwide. Office Depot has become the first office supply chain to offer customers the “PayPass” option. Office Depot will continue to accept traditional magnetic-stripe payment cards as well in its more than 1,000 retail store locations nationwide. As of mid-year, there are more than 16 million “PayPass” cards and devices issued globally, and is currently accepted globally at more than 55,000 merchant locations, including participating 7-Eleven, CVS, McDonalds,
Regal Entertainment Group theaters and many others. “PayPass” is also accepted at numerous National Football League and Major League Baseball stadiums. MasterCard’s “PayPass” is a quick and easy, cashless payment option that will allow customers to pay for their purchases by simply tapping their “PayPass-enabled MasterCard” card or device on a “PayPass” reader. Consumers no longer need to fumble for cash or hand their card to a cashier for purchases. Purchases under $25 will not require the customer to sign the receipt, further speeding the transaction. For more information about MasterCard PayPass and a full list of participating merchants, visit: “”:

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