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Debt Killers

Some scamsters see a silver lining in the current credit meltdown by fraudulently helping to eliminate mortgage, credit card, or small business debt. Government banking regulators say the Internet is crawling with several schemes that defrauds victims of an up-front fee, which typically ranges from $400 to $7,500. A recent variation includes the fraudulent use of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s 3-page “Customer Complaint Form.” The form is included in the package of documents provided to the victim, falsely adding another pretense of legitimacy to the worthless program. The victim is told to sign only the third page of the form, not to date it or complete any other information requested on the form. The date, customer, and financial institution information will be completed by the perpetrators. The form is subsequently completed and filed with the OCC falsely stating that the financial institution has acted improperly with regard to the victims account. The scheme does not work and may leave the victim in worse shape than before. For more information on the current debt elimination scams visit: “”: If the fraudulent scheme is presented via the Internet or e-mail, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center via “”:

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