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Freeze Warning

TransUnion says that effective October 15th it will offer the credit reporting industry’s first complete “file freeze” solution. A “file freeze” restricts lenders from accessing a consumer’s credit, preventing, among other things, the opening of new accounts. In states where there is an existing file freeze law, TransUnion will continue to meet or exceed the requirements of those laws. In states where a law has been enacted, but is not yet effective, or where no law has been enacted, TransUnion will provide file freezes as follows: free to add, lift or remove for all ID theft victims and $10 to add, lift or remove for non victims. The most widely used tool against fraud continues to be the fraud alert, which advises lenders to take special precautions prior to extending credit. A fraud alert can be conveniently placed or renewed by a consumer at all three nationwide credit reporting companies by placing a single phone call. For more information visit: “”: and click on “Information about Identity Theft” at the bottom of the page.

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