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Card Delinquency

Based on total dollars past-due, credit card delinquency rose in the second quarter to its highest level for a second quarter since 2004. However, based on the number of accounts, the figure of 4.41% was flat compared to one-year ago. According to the American Bankers Association credit card repayment rates led mortgage repayment rates during the quarter. The ABA says consumers’ priorities can shift, especially for borrowers who face a one-two punch: higher interest payments on their adjustable rate mortgages and declining equity as their home prices fall. The ABA also reported that home equity loan delinquencies decreased to 1.99% in 2Q/07 from 2.15% in 1Q/07. The ABA advises consumers to review their finances often and watch for the warning signs of being overextended on credit: paying only the minimum payment month after month; being out of cash constantly; being late on important payments, such as rent or mortgage; taking longer and longer to pay off balances; and borrowing from one lender to pay another. For more information on budgeting, saving and managing credit, visit the ABA Education Foundation’s Consumer Connection Web page at “”

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