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Consumer confidence improved significantly in October after tumbling to a 16-month low in September. The improvement was driven not by significant increases in consumer optimism, but rather a leveling out of pessimism. According to the “RBC CASH Index,” consumer sentiment stabilized across all surveyed areas, with the biggest increases occurring in the areas of economic expectations and current conditions. The “Index” for October hit 80.6, up more than nine points from its 71.1 level in September, but below last October’s 83.1. The “Index” is composed of four sub-indices: “RBC Current Conditions Index;” “RBC Expectations Index;” “RBC Investment Index;” and “RBC Jobs Index.”

                     RBC INDEX HISTORICAL
                        Oct 06:  83.1
                        Nov 06:  92.4
                        Dec 06:  86.9
                        Jan 07:  95.3
                        Feb 07: 103.0
                        Mar 07:  92.3
                        Apr 07:  85.4
                        May 07:  87.1
                        Jun 07:  81.4
                        Jul 07:  76.1
                        Aug 07:  89.3
                        Sep 07:  71.1
                        Oct 07:  80.6
                Source: RBC Financial Group

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