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Bonus AA Miles

If you’ve got a MasterCard then you can earn double miles for shopping at American Airlines online shopping mall. Online shoppers will earn the bonus “AAdvantage” miles for purchases made at any of the 25 participating online retailers on the “AAdvantage eShopping” mall site through December 31st. In addition to double miles, MasterCard and AA are offering a promotional “Spend Bonus” wherein online shoppers can earn up to 4,000 additional bonus miles in all for shopping at “AAdvantage eShopping” mall site. Qualifying MasterCard card members who spend $250 to $499.99 at the 25 participating merchants through December will earn an additional 500 bonus miles; card members who spend $500 to $999.99 will earn an additional 1,500 bonus miles; and those who spend $1,000 or more will earn 4,000 bonus miles. For more information visit: “”:

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